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Linear Transport Systems Provide the Next Step for Pharma Packaging Machine Innovation

By Joe Martin, Beckhoff Automation Like many industries today, pharmaceutical product and medical device production are experiencing a digital transformation. Intensifying the challenges and opportunities, product quality and safety in these two industries directly and [...]

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Two Big Trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging

By Philippe Maraval, VP of Business Development at Weiler Labeling Systems The pharmaceutical packaging industry is constantly changing. New technology and regulations routinely alter the pharma landscape, and packaging equipment suppliers must stay innovative to [...]

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Four In-Demand Technologies for Cannabis Packaging and Processing

By Tom Egan, vice president, industry services, PMMI The legal cannabis market will be worth more than 23 billion USD by 2025, according to a report by New Frontier Data. Growing alongside the legal marijuana [...]

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3 Reasons to Select Semi-Manual Track-and-Trace Product Identification Packaging Equipment

By Daniel Lapierre, VP of NJM Packaging New track-and-trace regulations around the world are shaking up the pharmaceutical industry. In many countries, pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers of all sizes must purchase serialization and aggregation [...]

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Pulsed UV Light for Surface Decontamination

By BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group When exposed to sunlight, germs are killed, and bacteria and fungi are prevented from spreading. In the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, this natural disinfection process can be utilized effectively [...]

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5 Considerations For Selecting a Filling and Packaging Vendor

By Scott Ferguson, groninger USA The biopharmaceutical filling and packaging segment has experienced significant growth over the past five years. In this evolving business environment, it is critical to identify and select a vendor who [...]

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Made for Diabetics: New Drug Capsule Presents New Way to Deliver Insulin in the Body

By Ivy Banks Patients with type 1 diabetes may soon have the option of replacing their daily insulin injections with an oral version of the drug. “The stomach is moist and humid. That was the key [...]

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3 Reasons Slat Fillers are Still the Go-To Option for Solid Dosage Bottle Filling

By Denis Adam, Sr. Sales Engineer at Thomas Packaging Twenty years ago, you couldn’t walk into a pharmaceutical packaging facility without seeing bottling lines anchored by slat fillers. Storage rooms dedicated to housing slats and [...]

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The Spread of Single-Use: From Drug Production to Delivery Systems

By Jerry Martin, pharmaceutical and life sciences consultant to PMMI The drive to reduce costs, increase speed to market, and meet regulatory requirements has led many pharmaceutical companies to consider single-use, pre-sterilized, plastic equipment systems [...]

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4 Benefits to Using an In-House Label Printer for Small Batch Production

By Kelsey Sullivan, Marketing Communications Specialist, AstroNova, Inc. In the pharmaceutical industry, a product label’s performance goes far beyond branding. Ensuring pharmaceutical products are correctly labeled is one of the most critical components of the [...]

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