Pulsed UV Light for Surface Decontamination

By BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group

When exposed to sunlight, germs are killed, and bacteria and fungi are prevented from spreading. In the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, this natural disinfection process can be utilized effectively by applying controlled ultraviolet (UV) radiation for surface decontamination, water sterilization, dechlorination, total organic compound reduction and microbial stability of effluent discharges.

The use of UV light in the pharmaceutical industry is very versatile, and offers several advantages:

Chemical-free: Decontamination by Pulsed UV light leaves no residues, odor or coatings on materials. Unlike chemicals, Pulsed UV is effective against all known microorganisms, including those that are chlorine resistant.

Energy-saving: Pulsed UV systems can be compact and easy to install. Most require little to no maintenance, and running costs are often lower than those of a household lightbulb. Pulsed UV light cleans very quickly, which reduces downtime and its associated costs. 

Multi-functional: Pulsed UV not only inactivates microorganisms, it can also remove free chlorine and chloramines, break down ozone and reduce Total Organic Carbon (TOC).

Pharmaceutical and medical device laboratories, manufacturing and packaging facilities demand sterile operating conditions. The Pulsed UV Light Chamber Type 411 by BAUSCH Advanced Technology Group (Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2019 Booth N-233), is a fully enclosed sterile chamber that uses pulsed UV radiation light for surface decontamination.

The operator places components into the chamber and seals the door to keep the process contained. The decontamination cycle is activated at the push of a button, and overall cycle time varies from 20-30 seconds depending on operator’s speed and the components in the machine. Each cycle decontaminates the complete interior of the unit and all items in the chamber. Once the cycle is complete, the components are removed by the operator or by a robotic arm and are ready to proceed to the next processing stage. The chamber features 100 percent decontamination verification on every cycle and sensors to verify PUV level.

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