3 Reasons Slat Fillers are Still the Go-To Option for Solid Dosage Bottle Filling

By Denis Adam, Sr. Sales Engineer at Thomas Packaging

Twenty years ago, you couldn’t walk into a pharmaceutical packaging facility without seeing bottling lines anchored by slat fillers. Storage rooms dedicated to housing slats and manifolds were also prevalent. Some facilities stocked upwards of 50-100 sets of slats.

With the introduction and advancement of the electronic counter, the industry has seen a decline in the number of new slat fillers entering the market. Unlike slat fillers, electronic counters can be run with very few, if any, change parts, allowing for quicker product change overs and less required storage of change parts.

However, proven technology and new innovations, like Thomas Packaging’s SureFill 300, have upheld the slat filler’s status as the ideal machine for many solid dosage bottle filling applications. Below are three main reasons the slat filler maintains its place atop the list of bottle filling machinery options.

Accuracy. Slat fillers use dedicated change parts that are designed specifically for each tablet or capsule. The unique angles and contours of the product are taken into account when designing the slat cavities. Proper design leads to accurate bottle counts, whereas electronic counters rely on photo eyes and sensors counting each product as they fall toward the bottle, leaving more opportunity for bottle count errors.

Speed. Slat fillers are designed for high volume capacity and can produce throughput rates as fast as 300 bottles per minute.The demands of new product launches or customer contract jobs can be fulfilled faster and more efficiently with a high-speed slat filler.

Craftsmanship. Slat fillers are workhorses and designed to be run day-in and day-out. Their rugged construction is built to last many years. The pharmaceutical industry has dozens of slat fillers over 50 years old still in operation today.

To learn more about the advantages of slat fillers and Thomas’s Packaging’s SureFill 300, visit Thomas Packaging’s booth (N-205) at Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2019.

About the author:
Denis Adam is a Senior Sales Engineer for Thomas Packaging,headquarteredin Rolling Meadows, IL. Denis has been with Thomas Packagingformore than11 years and is responsible forsales inthe Western US &Canada, as well as portions of the Midwest and East. He currently lives in Ft. Collins, CO.

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