Benefits of ergonomic lifting equipment in the Pharmaceutical Industry

By Donna Ross

The pharmaceutical industry requires maximum quality and maximum reliability – both in the products and from the equipment that moves them. Ergonomic lifting equipment specifically designed for this meticulously controlled environment can provide the ideal clean room environment.

Ergonomics removes barriers to quality, productivity and human performance by fitting products, tasks and environments to people. Clean room lifting equipment provides a hygienic, efficient, optimized and cost-effective solution for a controlled environment where hygiene, handling safety and optimum ergonomic efficiency are essential.

Hygienic, safe and accurate

Moving and handling substances requires great accuracy and safety. From materials stored in barrels, bags or jugs, they present constant handling challenges. That’s where clean room, ergonomic lifting equipment comes in. In order to allow safe handling of hard-to-grip elements and containers, ergonomic lifting equipment ensures safe and reliable lifting through all stages of your process,

Great care is required when handling chemicals or other sensitive organic materials.  Any tears or holes in packaging can allow substances to leak out or air to reach the materials, rendering them useless. Clean room ergonomic lifting equipment enables operators to lift these loads safely and securely, even when handling bags or containers made of fragile materials like paper.

A stainless-steel configuration provides maximum operator protection and increases production efficiency.

With the right clean room ergonomic lifting equipment, anyone can lift. Strengthen the workforce, increase flexibility and secure continuous productivity in your business with this simple equation.


Increase productivity by making lifting easy. When lifting is easy, you can lift more with less effort. Preventing work-related injuries and enabling employees to work efficiently all day, every day, will help keep an efficient workflow at all times.


Relieve employees from strenuous lifting and help them stay healthy, alert and efficient all day, every day. Ergonomic lifting equipment helps lessen muscle fatigue and reduces the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.


Give everyone the power to lift. Create a flexible workplace where employees can move between workstations to avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure continuous productivity.

A Pharmaceutical workplace can be made safer with ergonomic lifting equipment, that anyone can lift.

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