Machine Solutions for the Injectables Market

By Marchesini Group

Ensuring product sterility within aseptic environments is one of the key concerns for manufacturers of machine solutions for the injectables market. Companies will always seek to make the process of sterilization as efficient as possible, utilizing the latest in technological trends to realize this goal. Research has determined that laminar flow is among the processes that achieve the highest possible efficiency levels, ensuring the product’s sterility. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have subsequently adopted laminar flow into their sterility solution plans. However, the most important facet of manufacturing machine solutions for injectables remains the quality and capability of the end product, innovators are consistently challenged to marry quality with better performance.

The available selection of sterilization solutions included within aseptic treatment solutions continues to advance. Injectables manufacturers looking for integrated processes to solve sample transfer and storage issues have begun implementing enhanced techniques to achieve laminar flow and demonstrate heightened efficiency. Marchesini Group has exhibited this capability through its new injectable technology, STERY-LA, designed for filling and stoppering vials in an aseptic environment.

Produced for use with potent drugs and other delicate samples, STERY-LA is equipped with a wide range of solutions intended to ensure the quality of vial solutions. STERY-LA uses the “traditional” Marchesini vertical balcony design, separating the filling process from the mechanical components located at the back of the machine. Marchesini’s balcony technology enables the discharging or recovering of the air from the laminar flow through the bottom of the apparatus, ensuring a uniform flow of air devoid of dead zones or turbulence. In addition, it makes critical cleaning much easier, affecting the end product significantly.

In this specific type of environment, operators need to tend to the reliability of the product’s stoppering function. Optimum efficiency is achieved when the stoppering function is not compromised. Sticky stoppers are a dependable solution that upholds the integrity of the stoppering function. Marchesini’s STERY-LA is outfitted with stopper pre-infeed and infeed systems in order to ensure the highest possible standards of accessibility and ergonomics currently available.

One of the first displays of this technology occurred at Achema 2018, where the Marchesini group displayed their STERY-LA technology with an “ISOL-AIR” isolator, designed and manufactured to supply an air conditioning system (HVAC) to cut decontamination cycle times and for VHP.

By combining several different processes in the sample collection, sterilization, and storage procedure, manufacturers are able to maximize efficiency and cut end costs, saving time and money while having their products appear more attractive to their client base. In an industry that heavily relies on innovation, advancements towards more potent processes will always be welcomed, as they are indicative of constant achievement and progression.

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