Innovation in Precision Cleaning –Tougher Residues Need More Effective Detergents

By Michael Moussourakis, Alconox

The pharmaceutical industry at large is ever expanding, ever improving, and ever changing.  Whether this means gentler enteric tablet coatings, more effective creams, lotions and ointments, purer botanical extracts and resins, biosimilars, personalized medicine, or hosts of other advances, critical cleaning must rise to the challenge.

Critical cleaning is a level of cleaning that directly impacts the value of the final product. This covers the entire pharmaceutical industry spectrum where drug potency, purity and quality are increasingly scrutinized processes. Analytical techniques improved, allowing for more accurate and precise cleaning evaluation.

Highly adherent, difficult to emulsify residues require “elbow grease,” or mechanical action.  Stronger detergents solve the need for extraneous mechanical energy.  The innovative answer is effective, end-user safe, aqueous, free-rinsing, interfering residue-free, biodegradable, as well as dye, fragrance, brightener, and softener-free.  Alconox, Inc. detergents exemplify the best of these sought after mechanisms.

Manual cleaning mechanistically is far superior to automated cleaning.  That which foams emulsifies best.  Applied mechanical energy (scrubbing, soaking, sonication or elbow grease) supercharge high foaming detergents.

Sometimes high foaming detergents cannot be used. For example, a 5000 L reactor/holding tank/mixing vessel often uses an automated clean-in-place system.  While impingement provides some mechanical energy, when formulated properlu, most of the cleaning is done via chemistry. High and low pH balances compensate for fewer usable cleaning mechanisms.  Higher (or lower) pH rapid hydrolysis compensates, in part, for less effective emulsifying capability of the low foaming surfactants.

Both manual and automated cleaning methods clean reusable equipment, tanks, and lines in validated drug and related manufacturing process around the globe.  New detergents from Alconox, Inc. exemplify both – high foaming, manual detergents, namely Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner and low foaming, automated detergents such as Keylajet® Low-foaming High Alkaline Liquid.  Alconox, Inc. detergents effectively clean the innovative, new and toughest residues without sacrificing the important parameters of biodegradability, solvent-free, free-rinsing or operator safety.

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About Michael Moussourakis

Michael Moussourakis is a Director, Technical Marketing and Commercial Development at Alconox, Inc. headquartered in White Plains, NY. The Marketing team provides tactical and product leadership to Alconox, Inc. customers for their critical cleaning needs. He has over 17 years experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and laboratory industries. Through various and progressive roles in technical, tactical marketing and product management, he has contributed via publications, training and committee participation. Michael’s technical expertise covers critical cleaning, biopharmaceutical filtration and process troubleshooting. Michael holds a BS and MS in Biomedical Engineering from the Columbia University.

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